Washington DC

Brendan Tuohey

Brendan Tuohey Co-Founder and Executive Director

Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown Director of Finance, HR & Administration

Rochelle Coleman

Rochelle Coleman Program Coordinator

Bardell Brown

Bardell Brown Program Coordinator

Gunnar Hagstrom

Gunnar Hagstrom Chief Program Officer

Bryan Franklin

Bryan Franklin Program Coordinator

Adam Hirsch

Adam Hirsch Deputy Dir, Development and Communications

Brian Lemek

Brian Lemek Director of Development

Julie Younes

Julie Younes Director of Monitoring and Evaluation


Jale Canlibalik

Jale Canlibalik Managing Director

Giorgos Andriotis

Giorgos Andriotis Project Coordinator

Sureyya Celmen Deger

Sureyya Celmen Deger Project Coordinator

Sean Wright

Sean Wright International Fellow

Stephanie Nicolas

Stephanie Nicolas Program Coordinator

Jessica Walton

Jessica Walton International Fellow

Middle East

Karen Doubilet

Karen Doubilet Managing Director

Duha Amla

Duha Amla Program Manager

Heni Bizawi

Heni Bizawi Project Manager

Githa Cohen-Markens

Githa Cohen-Markens Operations Manager

Heba El-Hendi

Heba El-Hendi International Fellow

LaToya Fisher

LaToya Fisher International Fellow

Vito Gilic

Vito Gilic Basketball Operations Manager

Shadi Hatib

Shadi Hatib Coach/Project Manager

Rifka Miyara

Rifka Miyara Development Associate

Sharon Rubinstein

Sharon Rubinstein Development Associate/Compliance Officer

Shlomit Shiri

Shlomit Shiri Administrative Associate

Jamie Walsh

Jamie Walsh Program Manager

Northern Ireland

Gareth Harper

Gareth Harper Managing Director

Laura Agnew

Laura Agnew Assistant Project Coordinator

Debbie Byrne

Debbie Byrne Operations Team Leader

Joanne Fitzpatrick

Joanne Fitzpatrick Project Coordinator/Curricula Development

Joe Smith

Joe Smith International Fellow

Sally Nnamani

Sally Nnamani International Fellow

Casey Tryon

Casey Tryon International Fellow

South Africa

Sbahle Mkhize

Sbahle Mkhize Marketing and Fundraising Manager

Benjamin Constable

Benjamin Constable International Fellow

Sarah Frazier

Sarah Frazier Senior Fellow

Thobani Khumalo

Thobani Khumalo Life Skills Assistant

Nasiphi Khafu

Nasiphi Khafu Strategy and Operations Manager

Ntobeko Ngcamu

Ntobeko Ngcamu Life Skills Coordinator

Thembinkosi Zulu

Thembinkosi Zulu Finance & HR Manager